November 11, 2011

Road to redemption.

"Repentance is a crucial component to healing from brokenness" -The Beautiful Campaign

Its humorous how God works and today of all days.

The thoughts, words and actions in this day alone holds a similar weight from times in my past when I was reminded of brokenness, and its important role in my life.

Repentance. Seeing our sin for what it truly is and asking our Father in heaven to forgive us, and make us new.

Promise. His redemption is far more wonderful, perfect and beautiful than anything you could ever experience.

Redemption. A new beginning and a fresh start. I found myself saying to the Lord today, "Lets milk this baby for all its worth. If I'm going to learn, I'm going to learn now." I will not run from my Father. I will continue to seek His clarity and I will wait to see His will come to pass. I believe in my God, who does not waste our pain or enjoy our sufferings. If I've learned anything from the past rough, yet beautifying years of my life, it's this: He will always take my surrendered heart and amidst my mess, make Himself known in mighty ways.

Beauty. He makes me beautiful. He is through all and in all and He is at work to mold and shape me. Make me the woman you created me to be? This is that time. And with all of my broken being, I will be faithful.

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Anonymous said...

i love how you are growing and continue to grow every day.
you are beautiful, special, destined. You have a great calling on your life and your blooming into the women God has called you to be. Continue to seek His face and grow with Him.