December 1, 2010

I don't know how Jesus did it, compassion hurts.

In Dublin a few weekends ago, I saw a man spit on an old woman who was begging on the side of the street. I could not believe my eyes. My heart started pounding, as I felt my insides start to swell. I was stunned, did that really just happen? I was clutching a bag full of loose change from the last time I was in Dublin (currency is different in Belfast since it is apart of the UK) and suddenly as I past by her, I knew what to do with it. I didn't think about anyone else around me, it was almost involuntary and there was no questioning about it. I walked back to where she was slumped over, with her head into her chest and put the change into her cup. As soon as that happened I watched as my hand, stretched across and touched her shoulder. I felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable, but I wanted her to know that she matters.

I quickly walked away and heard her say, "Bless you!". I turned only to see the most beautiful sight I have seen since being in Ireland, a smile across her whole face. I could have dropped to my feet right then and bawled my eyes out. One of the biggest blessings that God has ever gifted me with happened that day. A huge blessing in the midst of my breaking heart. What a incomprehensible combination.

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Kate said...

Susan this is beautiful.