November 29, 2010

Last week in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Finals week has offically begun. It started out yesterday morning at 9:30, coffee in hand.

7 days till I arrive at Lambert airport to my home sweet Saint Louis home.

My flight is scheduled to land around 6:18PM.

I'm looking forward to coming home to a Christmasfied house (right claire?!) and the smell of the laundry detergent my mom uses. Also, being able to cook for myself, shopping at whole foods, going to the galleria, bread co (panera for everyone else who isn't from stl), listening to my little sister play the piano, watching Christmas movies, driving a car, hanging out with my cousins, seeing friends, celebrating Priscilla Danai's big 21,Starbucks runs with Chelsea, a back massage from mom (haha), going to Florida with Anna, Alison and Priscilla and hopefully making some money over break.

The weeks playlist: blind pilot, mumford & sons, mutemath, mozart and chopin.

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