December 2, 2010

Spontaneity trumps responsibility

There has been snow on the ground for several days now; only a few inches to give the appearance of a winter wonderland when you look at the grass. Of course, the other night around 12:30 when we noticed the fat flakes falling from the sky, the inner-child in Kate, Rachel and I prompted a spontaneous dance the snow.

It was only a few moments later that one of us discovered that when you clump snow together, it makes a rather nice sized ball. After a few girly throws (missing each other naturally) we opted for a truce, and went after the windows of our friends rooms.

We managed to grab the attention of Jazz and Jordan and moments later they came running after us. A playful snowball fight lasted for awhile until we convinced them that getting everyone else would be more fun.

Eventually we got distracted, especially with the lack of responses coming from our house mates...we had a snowball contest to see who could throw it farther with their opposite hand. This then led to us wanting to throw snowballs at cars. Smart, I know. To our unfortunate surprise, there were no cars passing by our driveway at 1AM. We walked up and down the street, then decided to call it quits.

An hour diversion from my papers was probably the most stupid-best idea ever. No regrets. You only live once. In Belfast. When its snowing. With these friends.

Sometimes you just have to live your life, now and worry about tomorrow when it comes

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