October 26, 2010

A picture from fall break

Kate and I spent our fall break walking through the quaint streets of Galway...it was a cute city.

I really want to visit Scotland on a weekend. A few of us might make a trip to spend a Saturday in Glasgow...it's too close not to at least visit for a day. Besides, I promised several different people to bring them back a "Gerald Butler"...So I better get on that ;)

I'm looking for marketing internship opportunities for the summer and I have decided to apply everywhere! Here in Ireland, NYC, Chicago, Saint Louis... so far I have researched local magazines, Marketing/PR firms, retail company's... I figure I have nothing to loose besides, how are you supposed to achieve your dreams if you don't go for them?!


priscilladanai said...

1. i'm waiting on my gerald butler
2. summer in manhattan? why not?

Me said...

Glasgow is awesome. I highly recommend it. :)

Love you, Susan.