October 25, 2010

hazlenut latte, irish literature paper and beirut

I have a stack of books on my night stand ready to be read. They're sitting there just waiting to feed my mind with the reality's of life and nuggets of truth...but unfortunately, they remain untouched. If only I had to read them for class. boo.

I'm sitting in the "harry potter" closet trying to get myself in that academic mode to write my Irish Literature paper on the effects of the Irish fight for Independence on authors such as Yeats and Sean O'Casey. Pretty exciting, I know... So here I am procrastinating, yet again. Early this evening I went to the Christian Union worship night at Queens University. It was great to get out of the house, be around people my age, and to quiet my soul in a crowd of believers. It's interesting that the times that I feel most at home here in Ireland are at church or in prayer with God. It makes it more real to me that I'm here and that God is with me.

Whatever you imagine it to be like here in Ireland for me, it's probably not even close to what life is really like. I only say that because nothing is what I imagined or expected. Even though I have friends who came last year, hearing about their experiences doesn't even compare to mine. Classes, the group, our perspectives...it's all different.

Life isn't wildly different then in the states. Irish people live just like I do, life keeps moving and God's the same here then He is anywhere else in the world. That's most comforting to know; no matter the changes in my life and environment, God remains unchanged.

Back to my paper...

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Ben McFeeters said...

"life keeps moving" I like that a lot.