October 12, 2010

I'm sick and tired of

telling friends that someday you'll meet that special person and he'll treat you like a treasure.
holding crying girls, sobbing over something some boy said or did.
being treated like I don't matter.
movies depicting the fairytale of the Prince on horseback, ready to save the damsel in distress.
being treated like an object.
crude, snide jokes about a woman's body.
music exploiting women.
society glorifying sex- making it into something disgusting.
having a friend say, "I would kill to go on a date and not feel like I have to take my clothes off at the end of the night".

I was talking to a guy today who bragged about being a "womanizer", making it seem like its something to be proud of. Someone once described the girls with "daddy issues" being the easiest to get to sleep with him. That is disgusting. In the end they're all the same...maybe that makes me cynical and slightly bitter, but I've never been proven wrong before. If only this world wasn't so twisted.

It all makes me want to float away, to somewhere beautiful.

I know that it's not completely a hopeless world. It's just a dark place sometimes.

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