October 10, 2010

5 day weekend

On Thursday Jordan Skinner took Kate and I on a bike ride through the woods and down by the river. It was a beautiful day out and after biking for a while, we stopped and had a picnic. We climbed onto an old bridge that was blocked off and sat up there eating our pb&j sandwiches. It was relaxing, beautiful and freeing.

Later on Thursday our group went on a tour of city hall in downtown Belfast. After the tour, I took the bus back home to finish some homework before heading to sinnamon cafe. I rode the bus right as school was letting out, and sat sandwiched between a dozen or so 12 year old school boys. Amusing, entertaining and slightly annoying...we had to stop so many times it ended up taking me 30 minutes to get back to the manor. After dinner, Kate, Zack and I hung out at sinnamon.

Friday was spent walking around city center, castle court and Victoria square with Kate. We stopped in at a bookstore, drank lattes and moseyed through books. We ended our evening by dining at the Crown pub, the oldest pub in Belfast. The food was good, the ambiance was fun and the people were friendly. Over the course of the meal, I played with my food-making my peas into the shape of a heart. When our waiter came back with our check he laughed and said that the kitchen liked my heart shaped peas...woops! I blushed...

Saturday I ventured out into the city by myself...finally! My independent-introverted side had been itching to explore all by my lonesome. Surprisingly, I gravitated towards primark, river island, h&m and topshop. Aren't clothes just magical? I bought a few new items, my favorite addition to my wardrobe being, a cheetah print shirt with big red bows. Sounds intense, but its definitely a "Susan" artifact.

Saturday evening we all went over to the Agnew's house (friends from church) to watch X Factor and hang out...Imagine American Idol but on crack or should I say craic!? OH that's good. It was fun to hang out and be out of lakeside manor for a while.

Today (Sunday) we went to church and went back to our host family's house for lunch. The McFeeters are the most precious family I've met here and I'm not just saying that because they're my host family. They are some of the most genuine, kind and welcoming people. The food is delicious and they have a lovely cozy home. We hung out with them till after six and made our way back to the manor to finish up homework and relax for the evening.

Monday we're going to a play, Tuesday we're going to a "social" at Queens and Wednesday a few of us are going to the Fashion Show! Then its fall break...where I will be headed to Galway for a few days with Kate.

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