September 19, 2010

Yesterday we went shopping.

I'm going to start writing more practical posts about my time here in Ireland. There is so much that I have seen and done, but I'm forgetting that you all are not with me to experience it.

Yesterday we went shopping (imagine a huge grin across my face). It was like Christmas morning! And that is not pathetic because its what I love. Some people like electronics, some like books, I like shoes. I've only really window shopped maybe a dozen times in my life and yesterday falls among one of the dozen. I've been having issues with my bank back home and at the moment I am broke. So gallivanting through Primark, a four level store full of trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, all ranging from 3 to 30 pounds (basically shoppers heaven), I had no mission or money. We strolled through malls and store names I can't seem to remember at the moment, as the objects of my most adored affection were left on racks-homeless.

Nonetheless I soaked in my environment like a piece of bread doused in soup. Things are definitely different on the other side of the pond and one of the most noticeable difference (at least for me) is the way they dress.

I saw pink hair, shades of red I didn't even know existed, caked on make-up that looks like everyone has their own personal M.A.C. store in their homes, several bad spray tans and lost of trendy clothes. This is not to say that every person I've come across looks like what I described above, but its what most stuck out to me.

I've always liked shoes and being here I've noticed that you won't see someone wearing loafers, chaco's, or sneakers. It's leather, more of a dress shoe for the guys and heels, boots and flats for the ladies. I have yet to see anyone where t-shirts and cut off jeans, gym shorts or sweat pants. Generally speaking everyone dresses up if they are going out in public.

They have their own style of dressing but overall they flow in the same trendy direction of a typical European look. No indie-hipster's here, the European flare is what most Americans would view as dangerously trendy, a bit punk, but mostly city-street chic.

It's been interesting to see how us Americans have digested our surroundings. Some of the boys noticed the differences in the way they dress and have even tweaked their own wardrobes to fit in more. When asked how someone from Ireland can tell we are American, the most common answer is the way we dress and look.

Since its my line of interest, fashion that is, I've enjoyed people watching, analyzing and forming my own opinions. The other day a boy commented on my tuxedo oxford shoes asking me if they were my "bowling shoes". Ha, it made me smile and even giggle. I too stand out just like the rest of my American friends here in the house. My style is still very much "susan" and I've kept my classy nature intact...but I've begun to get a wee bit more adventurous.

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