September 20, 2010

jogging inside of postcards...

We joked in the beginning, during Ireland orintation about going through culture shock because Billy (the JBU cooridinator for Ireland Studies) gave us a packet describing each stage. These past couple of days, being in the house has made me restless. We eat, sleep, and go to class in our house and I didn't realize till now, that I definitely need variation in my day to day schedule. I'm not quite sure if that's a part of culture shock, but I joked with Karis at dinner tonight about feeling "caged". Yes, I am a free bird and any moment I feel the walls closing in, I panic. I proceeded to verbally process what was clouding my mind "...I need to get out of the house at least once a week, I need to find a study spot in the house where I'm least distracted, I need to stop drinking coffee and tea 4 times a day, and I need to wake up enough time before class to eat breakfast and really spend time reading the Bible..." Karis was kind enough to sit there and nod her head in affirmation that she was listening. All I really needed was to talk it out- that's just the way I am, I guess.

After dinner, I went for a run. It was short, only 2 miles to the rose park and back but much needed alone time. The air was crisp, the sun hung low and as you can imagine the green, rolling hills peeked through the over grown ivory covered rod iron fence, that lined the sidewalk. It was beautiful.

As I ran I listened to a bit of moby until my mp3 player died, and then it was just me and the rythm; step-step, breath in, step-step, breath out. I didn't analyze my thoughts, prioritize my life or process my day. I just breathed. It felt so refreshing to get out of the house, and feel away from it all, even if it was only for thirty minutes. I plan on making it a habit. I just hope the weather will allow for it most days.

Oh beautiful, green, rainy Ireland...your beauty is astounding.

(i'll try and add a few pictures from our day in Armagh)

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i love reading your blog and learning about your life