September 23, 2010

In other words, Reality was first, but ‘first’ exists only because there is a second.

I have been having massive cravings for diet coke. So last night after dinner, Kate and I took the bus all the way down to City Center to the Tesco Express (sort of like a neighborhood walmart grocery store). We didn't really plan for our diet coke-run to have set us back 3 hours on writing our philosophy paper, but we were being impulsive Americans.

Kate got her philosophy paper done around 4:30AM and I turned off the lights to get an hour of sleep around 6:30AM...Funny thing was, turning the light off really made no difference. I actually enjoyed writing this paper, minus the pulling an all nighter aspect. I was forced to think about things I have never really thought about before, at least in depth. We had to answer a number of questions like, "What is prime reality, that is, the really real?" I was surprised how I was really able to push myself out there to ponder beyond things of my natural capacity. I loved it. I'm pretty sure if you read my paper you would ask what type of drugs I was on, real inception type of stuff.

Anyway, so I got through 3 hours of philosophy class today, which was full of great conversation about what is real, who is God and how does it relate to our world that we live in. If anything, class today further supported the belief that God is omniscient. It was exciting to discuss and learn about a subject matter that explains the very fabrications of life. It's the type of subject that is worth learning more about because it is core to our existence.

Next was Christian Life class, another full 3 hours of questioning our beliefs and what the Church teaches. It was refreshing to uncover the reason and logic behind what I believe. The two classes are stretching, but they're both the kind of classes that make you want to learn.

My professor for both Philosophy and Christian Life, is a grandfather figure type of man, named Hadden. He is a very smart man, and articulates well the truth. He has a sweet spirit about him, that draws you to cherish everything he says. I'm growing very fond of not only these two classes, but of Hadden as well. It's going to be a really great semester!

I'm exhausted and I'm due for a nap. This weekend should be fun, Kate and I are meeting up with a friend from JBU who lives in Belfast, to shop and hang out! Then some of us are eating at a Pub and enjoying an Irish culture fair, or something of the sort.

(the picture above is Kate, in the library of Armagh.)

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