September 24, 2010

facebook is such an odd place. do you "request" people to be your friend in real life?

The group of people I live with
On Fridays we don't have class, usually we have a day trip planned, but today was a free day. I slept in till 11:30AM and it was awesome! Kate, Jordan, Rob and I all went shopping today in Victoria Square. It was fun, and although I walked out with nothing, it was just the right amount of mind numbing activity that I needed. I'm sure I sound ridiculous, but shopping really is a type of therapy for me, and I don't even have to spend money. 

We split up after shopping, and Kate and I continued with a little more shopping, and stopped off at Starbucks for a bit. We were supposed to meet the rest of the group at a Pub called "The Duke of York" but after finally finding it, we realized that they weren't open, and the rest of our group must have already come and gone. So Kate and I wander around the streets until we found a small pub. A small cozy pub with a bar and a few tables. The walls were covered with old posters, illustrations of random things that customers had drawn, a picture of Bill Murry (we spent nearly 15 minutes trying to remember the actors last name) and quirky sayings. The table was simple and they each had an empty liquor bottle with a lit candle stick stuck in it. Quaint and quirky, those are the words I would use to describe the place. They played American classic music, like Johnny Cash and the Cranberries. We split grilled salmon, potatoes (of course), salad and bread. It was all pretty tasty.

After dinner we walked around the streets trying to find the rest of the group. Tonight was Belfast's Irish Culture Fair and the place was full of people, art exhibitions, music in the streets, pubs and even men on stilts. We eventually found the group, hung out for a while listening to a choir sing on the street corner, and eventually Kate and I went our separate way.

Tonight was fun. I like being here. I like being away from life before Ireland, it's nice.

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