September 27, 2010

I'm sticking with you because I'm made out of glue.

I broke my rule. I wasn't going to bring any other books with me this semester, so that 1. I could focus on the books I have to read for class, and 2. I could spend time reading God's words instead of others. 

The day before I left for Ireland I was buying a laptop case from a book store, and just thought I would browse the books. I found another Nouwen book. That makes this my fourth Nouwen book...My logic was since I was going on an 8 hour flight and would need something to read, right? 

I've read the first chapter 3 times, it's that good. "Here and Now-living in the Spirit" is the name of the book. I'm convinced that Henri and I are kindred spirits, reading his book feels like reading the blueprint to my heart. I connect with his words, as if they are my own thoughts. 

I'm pacing myself, reading it in the van, on the bus, before bed and taking my time to read through its pages. I blogged a lot about this summer and how alone I was, in more ways then physically. After being here in Ireland, (very much not alone) I find myself wishing I was back in that lonesome place. I am a people person, there's no doubt! But it's nice to be alone, to think on my own without input from anyone else. I took a blanket, bundled up and ventured out down by the lake to sift through my thoughts the other night. Quickly I was in conversation with God, and for the first time since being here, I felt at home. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your Creator, but whenever I talk with Him I feel at home and safe to let out a sigh-to just be. It's crucial for me to re-charge my soul by spending time alone, to think, pray and find my inner sanctuary. 

Once we come to know that inner, holy place, a place more beautiful and precious than any place we can travel to, we want to be there and be spiritually fed. {Henri Nouwen}

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