September 17, 2010

Its a challenge, but I'm here...

What strikes you most about this cathedral? For me, its the colorful stain glass that tells stories of Christ and the intricate details of the architecture...I sat in one of the pews as I marveled at the beauty, pondered who had sat in the very same pew hundreds of years ago and gawked at the vastness of its structure.

Among all of the thoughts that quickly entered and left my mind, one thought lingered; "This is one of man's best attempts at acknowledging God's holiness".

Ireland has awoken the correlation between my mind and heart. It's challenging living here in Ireland. Among the classes that are proving to stretch my beliefs and living with 21 other students, my heart has been challenged the most. I've realized that as I attempt to peel back the layers of my heart and dive deep into the core, the issues of my past are embedded along the walls. It's been a disappointment, not because I don't want to be who God wants me to be, but because I was hoping that those past issues that have already stretched me, were through.

So I here I go, dragging my feet along the way, willing and ready for whatever God has in store.

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GLB said...

isn't it weird that I sat in those same pews a year ago?

love you, and so glad you're there. I was there when I didn't want to be too...but it changes people...and it's good.