July 15, 2010

Just some ramblings of a fashion muse...

{Luciana Val + Franco Musso Shoot Darla Baker}

Its so whimsical; beautiful, dramatic and a hint of innocence. Isn't the first photo tantalizing? It just makes me want to say, "Why yes George, I want the moon!"(It's a Wonderful Life, classic).

At first glance my thoughts were "gah, that's why people think models are so dumb, what kind of lifeless expression is that?" As I glared even more, the photo's began to grow on me. It's like a feminine blast from the past to when my mom was a teenager. When fashion was elegant and chic and dare i say, wholesome. I absolutely love the creative touch that the art director added with the silhouettes and reflections, it gives it a speakeasy feel. Focused on the model and what story she's telling with her clothing, the background gives way to curiosity and edge.

I love city, I love chic and this shoot radiates class.

It only feeds my brain with a million ideas built on this kind of inspiration to portray art in my favorite form...I've already started a list of themes for photo shoots. Next is to make it happen. I can't wait to take a photography class, there is just so much more I need to learn. Two lenses and I'm already saving up for a third.

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