May 27, 2010

Tuxedo Oxfords

{Steve Madden}

I have been obsessing over these since Christmas when I saw them in the Steve Madden store. Urban Outfitters, Aldo and a few others, came out with their own and I was going to buy them but I decided to wait.

Patience is not only a virtue, but it pays to wait! is an online shopping site that offers deals daily on high end designer lines. Its kind of a crazy thing, they only offer maybe 10 a day and its time sensitive. You have to be a member of gilt to make any purchases. At 11AM CT the shopping begins and items sell out quickly. I randomly was checking my email when I saw that Steve Madden was one of the designer deals.

Not only is it satisfying to get what you want, but to have waited and got a great deal is even better!

I'm going to post more pictures later of the shoes on :)


Kate said...

i would start by wearing them with skinnys. And some kind of rocker-esque top. Or even just a solid button down would be cute. My philosophy with clothes is that if you have something crazy and loud in on one part of your body, everything else needs to be classic or basic.

have fun =)

Susan said...

i wanted to try them out with a short girly frock. Maybe floral...something more basic but still feminine. I want to try and work the rocker/edge with a feminine twist...

Kate said...

Good Luck! If you go with floral, don't let it be multicolored. It's just too busy. Try a two toned dress, and start basic. When you get a feel for what you're doing you can get a little crazier!

Susan said...

i love you!

haha okay, thanks :)