May 30, 2010

Hey boys!!!

So there is this exotic car dealership in St.Louis and they are looking to hire some individuals (18+) to drive around their show room cars to create "buzz". They pay for your gas, car insurance and you get to park a Lamborghini in your drive way. They even give you wardrobe money, because you have to always look sharp.

The funny thing is, the car dealership is really close to my house and I have seen people driving their cars around. This one guy (who was sooo hot!) I noticed him when I was eating at Villa Farotto's (this Italian cafe)outside last summer...He was wearing white snake skin shoes! I mean come on dude, can you say tool any louder! I know that's a little ridiculous, but that's the first thing I noticed, oh and then I saw the orange Lamborghini that he had just stepped out of. And then of course his skanky girlfriend. ha. I am almost positive he worked there.

They pay 20 dollars an hour. I think I'm going to call them, ha! What do I have to loose? And besides, couldn't you see me in a luxury car like that one!?

I think so ;)

Someday, I'm sure I will have one those at my beach house in Malibu... I won't need it while I am in the big Apple. Which by the way, its happening. Maybe next summer, I'm looking into internships now. I'm determined and driven. Especially now that I have a better sense of what I want.


Charles said...

I'm leaving Walmart and driving around for a living!

Kate said...

The skanky gf probably worked there. The tool was the prospective buyer. And I have gay friends with white snakeskin shoes!

Anonymous said...

I want that job.
Minus the part about looking like a tool.
(: I miss you Suz!