March 29, 2010

i love the smell of old books. kill me i hate group projects.

I'm in the Library trying to focus, all the while a fiesta is going on right next to me. So naturally I check out the huge head phones to listen to music in efforts to try and drown out the high pitch giggles and foriegn words only known to those who speak spanish. aka not me. and I'm listening to the Bon Iver radiostation...All of a sudden i sink into my seat and stare blank into the computer screen where my accounting paper awaits to be written.

Okay hold up I need to vent. I thoroughly despise group projects. I am left doing majority of the work because one of my group members got "the flu" over break and couldn't work on it. I would just make him sit here in the library and come up with 500 words discussing an analysis of Cablevision Companys financial Statement but that would be too easy. (sarcasm)

Sum up: Break was great. (more later)

Okay back to the books.

well that didnt really apply, but whatever.

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