March 30, 2010

It doesn't smell like the beach, but I'll take this weather

Spring Break was great! Lots of funny moments for sure...The best part was when we took the boat out in the middle of the ocean and dolphins swam up and around our boat! We watched them for awhile and then noticed that they were doing it. Dolphin style! haha no but really...they were mating! It was quite entertaining and at the same time, awesome.

I read a book over break, and I want to read it again. It was full of so many truths. I wanted to stop and think about almost every paragraph. God definitely spoke to me through the words of the book, and it was so fulfilling. It taught me about myself and others, how we are all made to be. The best part was describing how God defines beauty.

Honestly, I think all guys should read it. It depicts the core of a woman. To be a bit corny, it takes you through the journey of a woman's heart and soul. And the best part is that I found it all very practical.

The first couple of chapters made me cringe when they talked about every girl wanting to be a princess. I felt like it was too corny, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I stuck it out and discovered that the feeling of almost embarrassment was exactly the point. Sin takes anything pure and distorts it. I should never feel ashamed to be feminine and to recognize my hearts desire. Now I will admit that the book seemed a bit idealistic. Several times, I stopped and thought to myself..."this is all very true, but that's not how the world works". But with that aside, the book was frankly, refreshing.

I'm at home sitting in my room with the windows open and the breeze coming in just hints that summer is soon to come! My heart is already there. Summer can always promise 3 things: Hot weather, friends and family.

St.Louis is notoriously famous for having atrociously hot summers. Friends come back from college and I usually spend most of my time with 2 maybe 3 people from high school, the rest is random people I meet. Family! I love my family. My cousins are all around my age and we grew up together, so its very natural that we hang out over the summers. PLUS. My family has a reunion every year on the second Saturday in June. Picture, a little more then 100 people all gathered together at my uncles retreat center out in the country side. Turtle races, petting zoo's, swimming, tennis, golfing, eating (of course) and drinking. My family are proud Irish and German catholics who know how to drink.

It's hard to find the words to explain my family, but we are happy and loving. I will never forget when my sister-in-law first experienced them. Little small town girl meets large, loud (somewhat abrasive), upper middle class, men and women. I think it was Easter and the big upset was that the bar tender was late. I love my family, I just laugh when I think of the many fond memories i have, and the ones that are sure to come.

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