December 28, 2009

Life lessson # 3,509: Learn from others, be teachable and try to understand.

All I want to do is sit in Barnes and Noble, sip on something awesome such as coffee or tea and read. I have been making mental plans to do this all break. Alas, I have been unsuccessful in achieving my mini furlough.

This must be the time in my life where I get to learn about others and to take on new perspectives. It's this phase that in the time of "crisis" is no fun at all, but in the end my horizons have been broadened. I run from it at school only to find it here at home.

I'm not talking about disagreements, I am talking about people who are so different from you that over the course of time these differences are brought to light. It's not peachy during the misunderstandings or the actual realization of "wow, we are so different", but in the end its educational.

This Christmas has been an educational one to say the least. Learning how we each tik and the background of where we came from, our upbringing and what makes us feel loved. Its so important as a family to understand these things. Friendships are different because there is no obligation, but in a family, well its different.

I'm thankful. Maybe this semester in the quietness of my dorm room, when God really started to work on my heart, was preparation. See this semester God worked on helping me let go, and trust. Let go of things, people, ideas, goals, and life ambitions. Here is what God taught me this semester: He wants your heart. The whole mess of it. Not just certain parts, but all of it. Every dark crevice and corner. Its not just giving him it, its relinquishing grips, and then turning to trust. Whew, what a hard pill to swallow, but its worth it in the end, friend. Trusting him means peace and joy. It is an everyday process though. Sometimes we snatch things back that we have already given over, or we find new holds in our hearts. Everyday we come back to the cross to lay it down.

I must attract those people who are, well, not like me, at all. which is great. I actually tend to get annoyed with people who are similar to me. Go figure. But there are some (the few) that when I say one thing meaning something totally different than the way they perceive it. I guess this is inevitable. This came to light this Christmas with a family member. It was great actually because I love her, and I wouldn't change one thing about her. She brings a whole other dynamic to the family, but it took one heart to heart conversation for us to understand each other. Like I said, educational.

All in all, I am so thankful, and maybe this appreciative spirit I possess comes from Christ. Learning how nothing I am with out him and how Gracious he is, has really helped. Who am I to judge or to try and blame others, just because we are "different". If we were all the same, that would be no fun!

So I conclude to try and keep an open mind, accept other opinions and seek for truth. What is college if it isn't a learning experience anyways? Learn about yourself, others and Christ. Most importantly learn about this concept, Grace. It is what saves you, enables you to come to the cross daily, and allows you to empathize with others. After all, we are all the same in that we are nothing with out Christ.

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