December 22, 2009

A detailed recap - MY LIFE .

Life in the present:

Got home Saturday evening and was surprised to see that my kitchen was tore apart. My parents decided to remodel. My brother Michael and his wife Loreal (yes, like the make-up) were already here, and it was great to hang with them.

My brother is kind of like me; goofy, really inappropriate like family guy, enjoys awkward humor such as the office and is an all around "jolly" guy. Here let me preface you with a depiction. Picture a 5'11 guy with a little of a beer belly, button up shirt from express that has the first 3, maybe 4 buttons at the top undone to show off his MAN FUR. Now picture a smile from ear to ear. He's the kind of guy that flirts with 40 year old cashier woman at walmart just to make her day. He's sassy (don't misconstrue this word, he's not queer) like a northerner, yet down to earth like a southerner. He's always having a good time, and if it were his house that I walked into he would probably hand me a "victory" shot. Bill O'Reilly is his hero, and he thinks its funny to put Obama's name to every Christmas song. He's a hard worker and has an engineer's mind (its his major), he would build everything himself if he could, and finds everything on ebay. Everyone who meets him is his new best friend after 10 seconds of being with him. I look up to him a lot, I think he knows it too. He's protective of me and wants me to be happy. I just love him. I look to his approval in many areas, including guys. If he told me he didn't like a guy I wouldn't even think about dating him. Maybe thats stupid, but I couldn't imagine being with a guy that my brothers didn't get along with. It just wouldn't work out.

Anyways, that was a detailed analysis of my brother.
Back to the recap:

Sunday we went to a family's house for a party (the library pics from facebook) the party ended ON FIRE. Literally, that beautiful library caught on fire and all that wood caught quickly. The fire spread really fast. Luckily we were all still there and caught it before it consumed the room, and we were able to salvage all the antique book and artwork. Four firetrucks came and were able to contain it. It was so surreal. And really scary. Makes you realize how precious life is. One of the reasons why I don't think conflict between people are really worth anything. Come to a common ground, or understanding and live on with life, in peace. You never know what could happen, or when your life will end. Life is precious, but it also reminds us that our time here is short. Eternity is a long time, and the things we do here on earth could impact the Kingdom of God. Reminder to love everyone, give generously, share the story that God gave each of us, and bring glory to the Father who you will see shortly.

My best friend came home from SPAIN!!! I love her so much and I'm so thankful for her.

WE GOT A PUPPY! Its a chocolate lab and her name is Bailey. My brother Charles and his wife Susan got it for my 2 younger siblings. Its too cute! It has the cutest face and little butt ever! haha it prances around then just lays down in the most random of places and falls asleep.

Christmas shopping today was great! I always see people from high school, its always a little weird. I feel so fake trying to have topical small talk.

Oh hey, and I have decided that after college I'm moving to new york. Getting a job in fashion marketing, maybe a PR firm and living in a loft with a roof terrace. Think dinner parties overlooking one of the greatest city's ever.

a girl can dream :)

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Anonymous said...

Katie and I are coming to visit you in your loft. You can visit ours in Dallas, if you'd like :)