October 21, 2009

hi, my name is honest. whats yours?

fall is pretty. this weather makes me want to be spontaneous. owl city has very catchy melodies. never underestimate tea.

i hate it when my toes are cold, but i hate wearing socks. i don't like to cuddle when it comes to me actually wanting to sleep. i fall asleep and wake up in the same position every night. i don't understand why people are so scared or grossed out by feet. they are feet, they won't bite you. i don't understand the "lol" cat cartoon jokes. they aren't funny, and cats aren't cute.

nothing in life right now bothers me, i'm not frustrated or mad at anything or anyone and i think people don't realize that i get over things really easily. i'm much more of a thinker when i have the time to. but i don't think before i talk most of the time.

the first thing i said to myself this morning was, "Susan, dont do ittttt" then i went back to sleep for 10 more minutes and was late to my first class.

is it possible for some to have such bad OCD that they attempt to count how many times they blink?

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