October 26, 2009

life in the present:

Ephesians 5
...read it. its great. it convicts the heart, yet paints the perfect picture of "living in the light".

Rain. in the morning, afternoon and evening. Arkansas cannot go 3 days without precipitation.

life right now is like a casserole. its filled with ingredients that would never likely be eaten together unless baked in the oven covered with cheese or bread crumbs.

...did that make sense? it did in my head. let me elucidate you...well really i didn't want to say the cliche forest gump quote; "mama always said life is like a box of chocolates..." so i attempted to form a new line that expressed simular characteristics, but not the same at all, really.

basically, life is full of surprises and randomness and people, places and things that i would have never guessed to be in my life simultaneously. people, places and things come in and out of my life and its tough to feel consistency. thankfully, God is always faithful in providing me consistency through our relationship. God is good, always. thats consistent.

im enjoying myself for once (thats a lie, i always have fun) but really. life has given me little to complain about, but that is only through the repercussion of Gods endless and abundant grace and goodness.

this is repetitive, i know, but you need to know. Jesus is so good.

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