September 7, 2012

Dancing a new dance...

Nothing is new under the sun. Or so they say. We learn the same lessons over and over again. The Lord continues to show His faithful love and life continues on like it always has. There is, however, a slight difference in how the dance looks as you spin and twirl through different seasons of the same life. 

I'm imagining the same struggles, the same array of choices, the same care and love from my Savior, but my dance is different. There will never be a moment that I don't need God in my life, so as I face the future of unknowns I'm stepping out with renewed life in my feet and spinning in a different direction.

"How's life?" The question we all hopefully get asked periodically, has a new speech...

"Well, there's a lot to do. I'm not certain what's happening next, but it's good. Life is really good."

It's true! Life is sweet these days. Something I'm beginning to realize is that it's most always been sweet, I just never choose to see it that way. Until now anyway.

Choosing to love, choosing to pray, choosing to be grateful. It's a choice to live fully and well. People, hard times and change are apart of life, but I'm done acting like they all "happened to me". What a silly thought, to think there's not a purpose and plan. Don't I know how big God is? And yet so intimately involved in the moments of my life?

I'm enjoying this season of the same life. Dancing in new ways is fun...1, 2, 3, and step, 2, 3...

It gives you that free feeling, like your feet are made of feathers. It's easy and care-free. That's my new dance.

God's good because He just is.

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