June 15, 2012

A sweet story

coffee time
Time is running out here in Nepal. Yesterday I was walking home from the office and could feel someone walking behind me, so naturally being the American-who-loves-her-personal-space, I sped up. The person behind me sped up as well and eventually we were walking next to each other. When I turned to see who was encroaching on my space, a sweet little voice said, "what's your name?" It was a little Nepali girl about 10 years old. 

We walked and talked for a few minutes, I asked her about school that day, she asked me how old I was, we talked about our favorite colors and anytime a white person walked by and a smile was exchanged, she asked if they were my friend. With which I always responded by saying, "strangers are friends that we just haven't met yet" to that she just giggled. 

As we turned the corner and she slowed down, I could tell that we were close to her house. She stopped walking and told me that she wanted to give me something. She took off her pink Barbie back pack and pulled out a piece of candy and handed it to me. I smiled and thanked her and we said our goodbyes. This little kind gesture had me smiling all the way back home.

This morning as I was walking to work, I passed the children's school and there were kids out on the playground. I heard a, "hiii! hiiii!" and looked over to see my little friend. We smiled and waved. I am so thankful for the little blessing and gifts that God generously gives us each day. 

As the day draws near that I will be leaving Nepal, I can't help but look back and recount my many blessings. Some of the toughest days and longest nights, have produced a new joy in me. Strange how God works sometimes, but the bottom line is that I am thankful. 

I can't wait to share God's goodness in Nepal, face-to-face. 

With love,


running4him said...

That is really cool!!)

GLB said...

So sweet. I am anxious to see you!