June 20, 2012

Nepal comes to an end...

Martin, Matt and Allie - Communication team
Yesterday the office had a little surprise going away party, including a chocolate cake. They were so sweet and a lot of kind words were exchanged. It is so surreal that I'm actually leaving...Tomorrow!

Six weeks is not long at all, but from the beginning I adapted quickly. After a few weeks I was walking along, passing shops, people and suddenly it all became slightly "normal". I truly lived life in Nepal. 

"Are you going to come back?" I'm asked that daily...It's hard to answer that because I have no idea where I will be in the next year or two. One thing I know for sure is that right now my heart leaps to think of coming back to the states to work in churches to encourage church and community development. I've learned a lot about the importance of the church and community working together to meet needs. I've been fortunate to connect with other NGO's working towards that goal here in Nepal. 

I've realized through different conversations and experiences that it's a life style choice to live with and serve people. I life style choice that I hope to purse. I still feel the call to walk alongside others, helping carrying burdens and I still feel passionate about doing ministry with women. I feel as though now I'm coming away with more pieces to the puzzle. 

Who knows where God will take me from here, but I can trust that He knows. 

Now is the time to rest and let Him take the reigns. 

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