May 29, 2012

In the office...

Hello Friends.

I thought I should share an update of what I have been learning and doing with INF. They have kept me busy most days and along with absorbing my surroundings and this new culture, I have been putting to use my (soon to be completed) marketing degree. 

I want to clarify a few things, because before I came to Nepal I had a picture - a glamorized perspective, of what life would look like here. I am such an idealistic-dreamer that at times it is to a fault! No, I am not Mother Theresa and I haven't been feeding the hungry or healing the sick.

What I am doing is very practical. It's only a small piece of the overall mission, but it is important. I've been learning that God works in big and small ways. The important thing to remember is that He is at work here in Nepal.

I am living in a large city, where there is Internet and restaurants that are safe for me to eat at, aside from a hole in the wall Indian place that got me sick. I live in a 3 story house, with other western Christians. I eat with a fork and drink filtered water out of a normal glass cup. Although there have been a few bug scares, vicious mosquito's, dirty streets covered in trash, smelly air and cows everywhere, it is as normal as normal gets, for Nepal that is...

Friend, Ashleigh and I at a restaurant in Thamel
Holy Cow! (catch the pun? hope so...)
I'm working towards helping INF have more of an engaging presence on the Internet as well as to provide new ways to share the amazing stories of the Nepali people. Recently, I've been exploring the communication options for INF, including Social Media. 

A power point presentation I gave to the department
 focusing on Facebook/Twitter improvements.
 Here in the communication department, Ali one of the graphic designers, has been working away at designing the cover and perfecting the typeface for an INF book written by Tom Hale. The book is being printed at this very moment! She and I visited the printers yesterday to make sure that everything was going along according to plans.

Ali checking out freshly printed pages of the book at the printers
Seeing her design come to life was exciting!
Matt, another valued colleague of the department and graphic designer/videographer has been editing a few short films that share crazy and amazing stories! I'm lucky to be an intern in this department, working with such professionals. I've had a few sneak peaks of the films and I am so excited for them to be finished and available for you all to watch.

Matt in the editing mode!
There are so many lives that are impacted through INF and this is the place where the stories are told and where they come alive. I feel blessed to be apart of it for these 6 weeks.

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running4him said...

So true, I encourage people all the time to go for a missions trip somewhere besides the US. It is nothing like you expect or can imagine. The best way to really get a vision for others