May 7, 2012

Be brave and go.

I'm sitting in Newark, NJ airport. I'm so thankful to all my friends and family who support me. I cannot even describe what it meant to receive texts and phone calls before I boarded my flight from Saint Louis. 

"Do you feel like your heart is ready and where you wanted it to be?" Erin asked me today...I don't even know if it matters at this point. I couldn't bear to leave JBU with messes and that's what I was praying against. Things seemed to sort themselves out between friends, but still things linger. 

This was not a trip I planned on since I was in high school, its not even something I planned and wanted to go on a year ago. I realized as I was walking through the airport to find gate C110 that I not only love to travel, but I'm going on this trip because I'm supposed to. 

"This isn't your trip, Susan"....Erin's right. I'm excited about that because I know that means so much more then I could ever imagine is in store. God works in small and big ways. I'm expecting to come face to face with Him every day while I am in Nepal. 

So, here is my trip Lord. Your will be done.

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