April 16, 2012


3 weeks. It's funny because people keep asking me if I'm more excited or nervous. My answer is complicated. The two seem to be caught in a tango and I'm not sure who is leading who. As we dance, my feelings and I, the sense that this 6 week trip is more than just a trip keeps cutting in. Whenever I get nervous and worry (the unfortunate dance partner with sweaty palms) I tell myself that its just 6 weeks and then everything will pick up from where we left it. But something lingers and my "knower" knows that what the Lord has been showing and revealing to me all along has brought Nepal into its full fruition for specific and important reasons at this time.

So, am I excited? Yes! Am I nervous? Absolutely. One of my friends said to me once, "we only fear the future because of the unknowns, but not knowing is a good thing." We don't know whats coming, but we can know and be confident in what to anticipate, because we know Who holds all things.

Feel His love, know His truth and trust Him...

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