December 18, 2011

Praise Him.

There are so many reasons to praise God. I was thinking about that on the drive home after finishing up this semester. The past few weeks, it seemed like I just kept going and going with distractions and finals. As soon as I settled into the drive, I realized that it was over and I let it all out.

The semester is over. I came into it with the same mindset that I am leaving with; It's all about Jesus. It's that eternal mindset I know that the Lord wants me to have and I lost it along the way this semester. Along with an eternal mindset, I lost passion and drive. I remember feeling so convicted about the Church and my (and friends) purpose here on earth. I was excited about the body of Christ and I had a clear vision of the Lords heart for His creation.

I laugh, only out of irony, because Johanna and I warned one another at the beginning of this semester, not to look down at the storm. To keep our gaze fixed on Him, because the storms will come and He will be there asking us to trust Him.

Storms came and went. Life has moved forward.

He has set my feet on solid ground and I am free, like a weight being lifted, to run after Him. He has not only cleared the path, but He has revealed His glory and brought fruit out of the storms. We can praise God and thank Him in all circumstances, because of His promises and His blessings. Yes, there is so much more to praise Him for, than there is to complain about.

He is good, faithful and we can trust Him.

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