December 10, 2011

It is not about you.

I have had a lot of conversations lately about missions and it has wet my appetite for life outside of my comfort zone. However, I'm struggling with the idea of going out into the world to learn about culture, while bringing the hope that I have in Christ to the people I meet....then leaving those countries, that community, those people.

There seems to be a disconnect.

I think its great to go out for 11 months to 11 different countries and have life altering experiences, but in the end doesn't that just make you, a western Christian, just another consumer? Sure broaden your perspective, see what most of the world really lives like, but what about intentional living? What about community? What about the lives of those people that you lived among for just that one month?

I'm not finished tossing this struggle around in my mind, or having conversations with others about this. I'm asking questions, because I'm passionate for the kingdom and I have vision for the body of Christ.

It's something bigger then life about you, the American dream, or consumerism in all its forms.

Its about serving, loving and walking alongside people, carrying their burdens with them.

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