October 11, 2011

The harvest is here, the kingdom is near.

You said, "ask and you will receive whatever you need."
You said, "pray and I'll hear from heaven,
and I'll heal your land."

You said Your glory will fill the earth
like water the sea.
You said, "lift up your eyes;
the harvest is here, the kingdom is near."

You said, "ask and I'll give the nations to you."
oh Lord, that's the cry of my heart.
distant shores and the islands will see

For months I've been discovering the Fathers heart for the nations. My heart is burdened and that weight continues to grow. The threads are being sewn together as its image becomes more visible. The threads of Gods plan and His will. The image of Christs body and kingdom. And it is forcing me to acknowledge His Lordship in my life and submit myself to Him in this.

He has precious promises that are being manifested in the growth of the Spirit within me. Its beautiful, its painful, its tedious and it requires a steadfast heart. Slowly but surely, things are becoming more clear.

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