August 4, 2011

He makes me so inpsired...

Last weekend I was driving back from Kansas City at 1AM. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so I began praying and asking God to give me something to keep my mind busy. I'm an idea person and my mind in its most active state, is usual busy brainstorming on how to make something better. This song came on while I was driving and it got me thinking about the importance of knowing, believing and living out our true identity as Eve; a woman created in the image of Christ to bear His beauty. Needless to say, I made it back in one piece and inspired to keep this thought going.

What is His true beauty? What makes a woman beautiful? What are some of her characteristics? And what are some practical ways to walk in her true identity? I asked a few people around (and on facebook) about these characteristics and began piecing them together.

A beautiful woman is a woman who loves the Lord above all else. A beautiful woman is a gracious woman. A beautiful woman is a pure woman. A beautiful woman is a woman full of wisdom...(etc)

A beauty campaign: "A beautiful woman is a ______ woman". Discover different characteristics of who Eve was created to mirror. I'm hoping to see this "campaign" on campus, but truly I desire to discover and walk in my true identity as a woman. What a quest! God has given me so much passion for women, who knows what the future holds for me. One thing is for sure...its going to be a ministry full of His love and grace!

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