August 2, 2011

God is never early and He's never late.

Everything in my life is pointing to a fully surrendered dependence and trust in Jesus. From a strangers words of faith, to having dreams about friends abandoning me in crisis, to witnessing redemption. I've come to grips with this fear of the future and its got to go. This time its not my will that I'm trying to break so that I can give over control to my Savior. Its taken intention and an active pursuit of His Kingdom daily, but He's in control. I guess I could admit that I'm never bored, I'm always surprised with His goodness and most definitely blessed. Following Christ is not without sacrifice, though. "Give a little, get a little" doesn't apply here. Its Give it all, loose it all...Gain life.

There's so much swarming my mind about the future and the moment that I start to sink into feeling disappointed, I remind myself of the truth: Life is not about me. Glory and power be to His Kingdom and Honor to the only true God. His reign in my heart forever, not mine.

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