July 19, 2011

"He is holding out his hands to us, asking us to come to him. To leave everything else behind. To join him in the most beautiful,fulfilling adventure"

That is my good friend, Darby Hurst. She and her husband, Jordan have been in India this whole summer. It has been a pleasure to pray for them for the past few weeks and communicating some with Darby while they have been there. It has been a huge blessing and statement of the Lords faithfulness to hear all that Jesus is showing them. Hugely convicting, but bearing much fruit!

They have one week left before they return to the states and I'm asking you to join with me in praying for them. I believe in the power behind prayer and I also believe it is acting in obedience when we pray for others. 9pm (central time) is when they are waking up to start their day in India.

Pray that they would experience Christ love day in and day out, that He would fill them with His compassion and hope. That they would quite literally be His hands and feet in the lives that they love on everyday. That they would continue to walk closer to Jesus, learning what it really means to take up our cross and follow Him. And most importantly pray that the Lord alone would be their portion and cup; that He makes their lot secure (psalm 16:5)

Read their most recent blog post, because I believe its rich with Gods truth and their stories are much better then mine! Darby and Jordan's blog

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