February 12, 2011


My most recent project, besides those pertaining to my Marketing Strategies class, is designing my very own website. Ever since my first year in college, when I wanted to conquer the world by declaring a double major in marketing, PR and a minor in graphic design, I knew that I wanted to someday buy my own domain name. Of course, I ended up nixing the PR and graphic design degree and I'm now in my third year officially declared a business major (marketing) and I'm working the system for an emphasis on photography. All that said, last night I got a little stir crazy and started working on my forgotten fashion blog I also started a few years ago.

I have always had an opinion of the fashion content that gets filtered in and out of my life, and there have been at least 3 different journals started that I filled with photo's that inspire me, and my own personal ideas on design and marketing. With my new favorite past time being photography, I've accumulated a few photo shoots that either I photographed, or styled and directed with another photographer.

With all of THAT being said...I went for it. I bought www.Wynnifred.com and have decided to brand my self-expression, idea's, opinion's and future design house after my mother, Winifred Mary. The spelling and the name to me give off a vintage flare and yet hold true to the aristocratic welsh influence. Wynnifred means peace and joy. How fitting! That's everything I hope to express.

I'm so excited to finally be proactive with my passions. A certain quality I possess (which hasn't always worked for my benefit in the past) is my 'go getter' attitude. When I want something, I'm mostly good at getting it (unless it's with men, I'm lost in that arena).

Needless to say, it's purchased and in the making. This personal project is fueling my fire and keeping me passionate for art, expression, culture and people! I absolutely love it. I will make another post once it's officially up and running. As for now, I'm planning on teaching myself web design and mooching off of the JBU art department for a while. If you're feeling generous with your time and knowledge, I would adore your help!

So eventually my goal is to have a multi functioning website that acts as my blog and resume. I will be needing content! content! content! So that means more photo shoots, actually seeing through a few of my idea's and updating it on a regular basis. Friends...this is where you can help me (if you like being a part of something super awesome, no big deal). I will be needing to photograph lots of people and work with other photographers where I style and direct. If you've ever been interested in being photographed in a fashion shoot or need content for your portfolio...talk to me. Realistically, it's going to be a slow process getting Wynnifred to be where I envision. With the help of my family and friends this will hopefully help shape my career.

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