February 16, 2011


Every single day, I'm learning something new. Its wonderful and I'm thankful for challenges that stretch me. Junior year has hit me hard. I'm hopeful for where God is leading me, but its difficult to have enough faith to trust and follow. There is so much joy in my heart when I look back at how far God has brought me. Even from this last semester, God has opened my eyes and has consumed me with His loving mercy and grace.

I've accepted Gods command: that I live out everyday of my life walking in the reality and truth of His Son. Its allowed me to see people differently. Instead of seeing someone as a problem worth fixing, I see someone I relate to, someone who is desperate to be known and loved. It has also caused me to see what I am without Christ; nothing.

After spending Valentines day fasting and praying, I've discovered that loving someone well is only done when I walk in Christ's love. That means living a God centered life that is founded on the truth that my worth is defined by Him. It also means having a heart clothed with compassion (meaning: to suffer with), love and peace. It sounds like a peaceful life, but its this life that requires me to deny myself. And that folks, is very hard for me to do.

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