January 22, 2011

good music. pinot grigio. candescent lighting.

I'm not any kind of artist by mere measure, however this evening all I want to do is lock myself in a studio located in the concrete jungle of New York City, with a bottle of wine. Blasting jazz music all the while surrounded by piles of my favorite magazines, books, shoes, and my camera. Taking already brilliant ideas and morphing them into something new. Creating, cutting, pasting, drawing and designing my idea's into my little black book (thank you intro to photography). I'm an idealist which makes me often far from reality ,but popping at the seams with thoughts, ideas and creativity. Although I favor the imaginative process of creating, I have a deep appreciation for practicality. An idea can be creative and possess real potential, but it's only worth while if it can be transformed into something tangible. One of my favorite characteristics of fashion is the fact that it cycles and as it goes round, designers morph what once was, into whats now new. Everything you wear has elements that can be traced back to a different time in history. Fashion to me is a walking platform of self expression. Its a career path that favors the right brain and survives on the outflow of idea's, creativity and team work. Maybe that's why its so attractive to me.

Instead, I will be in my dorm room with a diet coke, blaring the latest Music Monday playlist (compliments of Urban Outfitters blog), florescent lighting, a few old issues of Vogue and a bowl of frozen grapes.

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