January 17, 2011

"Are you glad to be back?"

black eyed susan's are my favorite. simple. lovely. classy.

To be honest, I'm not even sure what that question really means? Am I glad to be back...I'm glad to be where I know I'm supposed to be. I'm glad to come back to a fruitful place. I'm glad that this semester feels different; I am different. I'm glad that I'm excited about my major. I'm glad to be rooming with someone who was away this past semester too. I'm glad that people are glad to see me. I'm glad that God is very much active and present in my life. I'm glad that I desire to really know who God is. I'm glad to have my little brother here with me. I'm glad that God knows what I can handle. I'm glad to have adopted a new perspective on life.

I guess there is a lot that I am glad about.

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