October 1, 2010

It's a crisp fall day in Ireland

Grace and I wrote to each other nearly everyday this summer. We wrote about our day, we went through a cooking phase where we both wanted to be Julia Child, about our work out regime and silly stories that happened. One of my favorite things about our friendship is our willingness to be blatantly honest with one another. It was an unspoken agreement that we would share the depth of our heart with one another. It allowed us to be brutally honest with ourselves, as we both struggled through different things in life. Some of the most precious words of encouragement were exchanged. Never once, letting each other get away with bad attitudes, believing lies, or thinking ill thoughts about situations or people, we were quick to challenge one another to be like Jesus. I've never had such a genuine friend who called me out when I was wrong, and covered me with love all the more. A true representation of grace.

Here's something I wrote to her over the summer.

"I wish that I was content with having love invade my heart. That I could give it to God, relinquishing myself to Him, to just go with it. To love and pray and not have to know the purpose, or the why. I just so badly want to be a part of something bigger...Like a little kid wanting to be included. There is something exciting and adventurous, almost dangerous that lures me in. I want to be used and I don't want to ruin it like I've ruined things before.

I just so badly want to see fruits in the lives that I care about so much, and pray for more then I have even prayed for my own family. It sounds so selfish, but I have to know that meeting you or certain people in my life, was not just to challenge and grow me. But that it was something so much bigger then that...For His kingdom, for your heart and for theirs. That God didn't just create me as someone who can empathize with others just to make me feel, but to help others. That gosh darn it, I'm not so obnoxiously optimistic and positive because that’s just who I am, but because I fill a purpose. A purpose much bigger then me. "

Some things have changed since I wrote this. I actually did get to see the fruits of some of my prayers. I believe that there is power behind prayer, and not only are we acting out of obedience when we pray for one another, but we're being blessed in the process. I may never see some of my prayers answered, but I do know that God does answer them. And I have no reason to not trust Him.

Kate and I enjoying our Friday in Sinnamon coffee shop, in IRELAND.


GLB said...

I sat here reading this and bawled.

You're the best, and I miss our constant conversations.

Kate said...

I love you, beautiful friend. I think you will be part of something really big.