October 2, 2010

Dear Diary...

i was wandering about in the kitchen when Caleb walked in and said, "hey Susan". Its the 3 week mark and he finally called me by my name instead of 8 or maybe I was number 9...i went on a walk in the dark for the first time, it was nice. i cried today. i only drank one cup of tea the whole day...so far no head aches. i wish for the day when you'll be sorry to come soon. maybe tomorrow?

a bike ride and a picnic sounds nice.

p.s. i have decided to become a vegetarian.


priscilladanai said...

1. im sorry you cried... but i know you needed it. nice to get away and be able to just sit and cry..
2. i'll help you be a vegetarian :]] it's really pretty easy, just make sure to eat protein and drink milk
3.i anxiously await the day you return home...
you have no idea how many times i've gone to text you or call you and then realized half way into it that i have to facebook you instead
4. even though im jealous and wish you were here with me, im so glad that you're "across the pond" and learning and living in Ireland

we're growin up suSSSan

Makavetis said...

I noticed you liked art and wanted to share my new blog with you! Love your page.