July 7, 2010

new favorite word to overuse: interesting

The classical station in Saint Louis has officially ended and is now being taken over by a Christian radio station.

No this is funny, really...my whole family acted like it was a funeral, I'm pretty sure my mom cried. It was funny to hear her be angry towards the Christian radio station. REAL funny.

Table talk during dinner last night was extremely entertaining...classical music was blaring in the background while we ate, of course.

I got paid 75 bucks cash to talk about shopping online to a marketing surveying group. Okay now that was interesting. For a second I thought somehow I got selected for an intervention. I was just waiting for the gay marketing analyst to say; "You have a shopping problem, now state your name and why you're here..."

The other participants were the most peculiar people. If you like people watching you would have thought you died and gone to heaven. What a diverse group of people...the best was this girl in her late twenties who is a buyer for a company. She talked reaallly slowww anddd onlllyyyy likkkeesss too buyyy Marc Jacobsss or name brandssss.

Some of those ladies probably do have problems. I was the youngest person there and they paid special attention to me, it was weird. Anyway it was worth it, I shared my two cents on why I'm a member at gilt.com and my experience purchasing those awesome steve madden oxfords!...blah blah blah.... chaa-ching.

green paper in my pocket.

I started to organize my thoughts today on packing for Ireland. I really have way too many products that I use on a daily basis. I'm going to need to simplify my life some. Using 3 different moisturizers is a little excessive, not to mention hair products! Gee, this is kind of embarrassing.

it will be interesting.

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Kate said...

yes i used to overuse that word too. three lotions? I mean, i like to have an arbonne body butter, something with tanning crap, and some proactiv face lotion. Is that what you had meant? Because that't totally fine. Nothing to be ashamed about.
Yeah I have at least twenty hair care products. Don't know how that's gonna work out.