July 8, 2010

I already want a better lens. This is an expensive hobby.

I have rediscovered The Postal Service. Please turn your speakers up and if you have a sub, turn that up too. Its one of those songs, it makes you want to lay there with the lights off and drown in all its electronic goodness, but at the same time dance around like its your birthday. Or maybe that's just me.

the video is funny, if you're into the whole robot thing. ha ha

I moved my treadmill from our dark and rather depressing storage room out into the open room. My basement has a wall of just windows, and our house backs to woods. WOAH. It made a huge difference. I have been running 3 miles everyday now- no problem. Okay but honestly I'm a little sore, between running and 8 minute abs...I'm feeling it. It's the kind of soreness that makes you feel good in a twisted way. I'm realizing that I am drastically more motivated in good light, pretty scenery and an open space. I've played sports since kindergarten and conditioning for soccer in high school was a ton of sprints, but I have discovered I am more of a long distance runner. Secret to running is getting your mind on something else. Sometimes I read. That's the beauty of treadmills, you don't have to watch where you are going.

I really miss playing sports, it was such a stress reliever.

I think I still have my goalie jersey with blood on it from when I dove to save the ball and a girl kneed me in the head. 5 stitches, a concussion and to this day I don't remember playing in the first half of the game.

...good times

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