July 30, 2010

Let the sunlight in, I wanna feel it from within

Someday I think I might...

Learn French.
Swing from vines into a creek.
Milk a cow.
Paint every nail a different color.
Sing the song Silent Moon to a special person.
Delete my facebook.
Ride a camel.
Move to New York City.
Teach my little kid how to ride a bike.
Sew a dress.
Get married in a vineyard.
Write a childrens book.
Spend Christmas in Paris.
Learn sign language.
Drive a lamborghini.
Eat cheese, wine and olives on a mountain top.
Become an archeologist.
Stay in the Armani Hotel in Dubai.
Learn to sail.
Do it in an airplane.
Go shark fishing.
Live with my best friends.
Become a make-up artist.
Go back packing across Europe.
Visit my sister in Beijing.
Make homemade play dough with my kids.
Help build water wells around the world.


GLB said...

and...visit New Zealand.

Susan said...

ohhhh thats a good one to add!