June 14, 2010

Update On My Life

I was going to blog about Sex and the City, but the movie was so horrible that it's not even worth me writing more then a sentence about it.

Have you seen Lady Gaga's music video for Alejandro? She is sick. I'm an advocate for her songs that make you want to be crazy in a club, but does she really have to have sick twisted sexual scenes throughout the whole thing?

I'm just not okay with that level of trash.

My weekend was fun! We had our annual Vatterott family reunion at my Uncle Johns "farm". Its not actually a farm, its a conference center. The weekend was full of golf, swimming, turtle races, cotton candy, pop corn, pony rides, beer, food, wine, talent show, and of course family bonding. This year we had four of our relatives from Germany come. It was funny to see a nun drinking beer. Gotta love those Germans.

My cousin owns his own brewery, located on the farm. I tried a few of the different beers, they were all really good. Quality and original in their taste. One of the cool things about the "farm" is the western town. The farm used to be my moms summer home and my grandfather had the western town built out there. My uncle has recently renovated it. I have a lot of great child hood memories playing around in the old barn and saloon.

I'm realizing that when you get older and mature things just aren't as fun as they used to be. I remember a few years ago waiting around until aunts and uncles were already drunk so that my cousins and I could all party together. I watched this year as some younger cousins showed the same enthusiasm. Instead of being down by the lake boozing it up, I had normal conversations then went to bed at a reasonable time. I sound like an old boring person, but I enjoyed that far more then waking up the next day hung over. I just don't see the point, I know how to have a good time without being stupid drunk.

I'm thrilled to have purchased a canon rebel. I now understand why people have an OCD about who touches their camera. I kept that baby out of everyones hands and glared at anyone who came close to it. I have so much more to learn about how to use it. I wish I would have paid attention last semester when I was around them more. Oh well, I'm a fast learner.

I was hesitant to even post as many of the photos that I did on facebook. The focus was off on a lot of the photos, they weren't centered and the lighting was tricky. It was painful to post some of those, but I had relatives counting on an album. The cool thing about this camera is the quality you can achieve with it, near perfection. The bad thing is, it makes you really picky.


GLB said...

I'm so glad you got a camera! The pictures looked great! You're a natural.

And now I feel guilty about somewhat liking Sex and the City, it was trash.

Kate said...

I'm really glad you didn't like that movie. The only good thing was the fashion I guess.