June 29, 2010

Mozart, Beijing, sunsets and Starbucks

Yann Tiersen - Atlantique Nord (this is my favorite)

I made a mixed cd of all my favorite classics. Georege Winston, Yann Tiersen, Dario Marianelli (pride and prejudice), Mozart(Requiem), Hans Zimmer(Pirates of the Caribbean) and a few others. I was in band from fourth grade all the way through high school. I just love making music and listening to it. My choir sang Mozarts "Requiem" my sophomore year in high school, and my Junior year symphonic band played Pirates of the Caribbean.

So here I am cleaning my bathroom, fumes of bleach, windex and clorox fill my brain and i'm rocking out to Lacrimosa-Mozart. I got my scrubber in hand, hair on top of my head, wearing an old tie-dye shirt and loving every second of it.

Every so often an angelic voice emerges from my bathroom singing:

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce, Deus
Pie Jesu Domine
Dona eis requiem, Amen!!!!!!!!"

Yes, I sing while I clean.

Great news! My sister who I have not seen in a year, comes home from Beijing tomorrow. I can't wait!

look at how classy cute Beijing street fashion is...

I drove my sister Claire to my "happy" place to take pictures of the sunset. We stopped along the way and took the pictures below. We blared my mixed cd of "classics" and ended it with iced green tea and lemonade from Starbucks. It was kind of magical, and the weather was exceptionally perfect; crisp and even a bit cool. Windows were down and every now and then we would match our voices to the classical music blaring, as if our lives were one big musical and everything spoken was in song. Childish I know, but my sister and I are goofy. Life's more fun that way you know...


Anonymous said...

I love this. (:

Kate said...

Three things:
1. we have the same taste in classical music. I believe in the simplicity of piano, it makes me think of water.
2. green tea lemonade is my new favorite. after you told me to try it that's all i ever get now. and i got a venti for $2 yesterday :)
3. i want to have cute skinny asian legs too!