June 2, 2010

More Inspirations: from food to fashion

My parents have been really stressed for numerous of reasons and my mom has asked me to act like she is not there and to cook all the meals for my family. Of course I stepped up to the plate (I got jokes) and took on the request. I have to admit though, I begrudgingly took it on.

Who ever thought that cooking could be an outlet for my "creativity"? Probably Julia Childs, so chic. So here are some new creations:

NOTE: Animals were most definitely killed in the making of these dishes. Not by me of course, I'm just an innocent bystander.

Memorial Day "cook out"
-Grilled chicken with "secret" marinara sauce. My sister made that one and apparently she doesn't "kiss and tell".
-pene pasta sauce made of cherry tomatoes, green onion, fresh basil, feta cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, all pureed. poured into glass dish with pasta noodles and covered with sour cream and mozzarella then baked.
-steamed green beans seasoned lightly with sea salt
-hot dogs (of course) but don't eat them! its disgusting how bad they are for you
-bratwurst (I don't even want to know how bad those are for you)
-Oatmeal cookies with flax seeds, cranberries, oats and chocolate chips

"Susans Summer Burrito" -whole wheat flour tortilla
-gaucomole spead on the tortilla
-chopped red onion, green, red, and orange peppers, lettuce
-grilled chicken
-black beans seasoned with chilli powder
-mozzarella cheese
-lemon squeezed over it

PEOPLE, don't microwave your food, it takes away crucial food enzymes that your body needs! And eat more beans and sprouts as a protein source, and raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.

okay Martha Stewart has said her two cents.

I had a long conversation with this photographer that I met. I know what I want to do, where to spend my money and how much its going to cost. Canon Rebel you are in my future.

I can't pass up the many opportunities in front of me here in St.Louis; architecture, urban city, willing friends. I want to do at least 2 photo shoots this summer. I'm thinking that working at a boutique will help me gain experience. Most high end boutiques in STL do their own advertising with their own models, especially those with private labels.

I stopped in on Laurie Soulet (local boutique) and met the owner. As much as name dropping is great if you can get your foot in the door working for Saks, Nordstrom's or even at a Channel store, working for a small boutique would allow me to see more of the inner workings. The owner of Laurie Soulet has her own private label and sells other known designer labels. She goes to show rooms and picks out what will best represent her store and target market. This is something I want to dabble in.

I have finally figured out how my Marketing major, paired with skills I pick up such as editing and photography will enhance my career in fashion. There was purpose behind enduring computer graphics after all!

-Be proficient in most, if not all of the Adobe CS4
-Know how to operate a DSLR and all its features
-Understand lighting and its different uses
-Have a better grip on composition and technique

I'm inspired but mostly driven to make this a reality. Hey, never thought I would see my ideas for a fashion photo shoot actually come alive in a photograph...but I made it happen with the help of friends, of course :)

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Anonymous said...

You're incredible, Suz.
Seriously, I am so excited for you!