May 21, 2010

Took him 6 years. But he is officially a Civil Engineer.

My "vacation" started last Friday when my family and I came to Auburn, Alabama to congratulate my brother for graduating. Spent the weekend touring the campus, and relaxing at his house with his wife, their dong Bentley, 2 bearded dragons (they are so awesome!) and a snake. We are now in Destin, Florida staying in a cottage across from the beach.

Its always funny when my brother has had a few and starts rambling about all kinds of things about structures, science, politics(oh lordy), his thoughts on life... We were talking about cars and he started to go off on how different cars describe people's personality's. "Range Rovers are bitches (this is my dream car, ha!) Honda civics are vanillas (so true), buicks are grandmas..."

So entertaining!

Well, we are packing the cooler and are off to the beach. Checking out the night life in Destin tonight! Oh, dear.

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