May 17, 2010

To avoid the sting, stay away from bees.

I can remember very vividly the first time I got stung by a bee. I was probably six or seven. I was playing in my sand box when I bee kept pestering me and my sand castle. I was not scared of the bee one bit and called my mom over to help me with it. The next thing I recall is that my mom swatted it with a fly swatter. I was so curious with the bee and my mom said "No, Susan don't touch it!" This is also the first time I distinctively remember disobeying my mom. I touched it and apparently the damn thing wasn't dead. I cried and my index finger swelled up. My mom rushed me inside to put my finger under cold water. My mom tenderly said she was sorry, but "that's why you don't disobey me".

I put myself in situations that could sting. I'm brave, stubborn, and it's always a surprise when I get stung. Not that I don't know the capabilities of the bee stinging me, I just don't anticipate it.

I want to believe the good in people, full well knowing the bad that is in all of us. But unlike the bee, we can choose with our words and actions to sting or not. I guess I don't assume the worst, and thats my folly.

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