April 22, 2010

"A woman of true beauty has the grace for those to be and the room to become"

Everyone has crap in their lives. Baggage. Flaws. I'm not under the impression that we were all made to handle it, either.

A conversation I had with my mom a couple of months ago had me thinking differently about relationships. My mom, bless her heart, latches on to any moment she has to share truth with her kids. I usually am good at ducking out, and changing the subject but she was especially adamant on telling me what she prays for me about my marriage.

"I pray that you would have the Grace for him. That you would say to yourself, 'yeah, I can handle this'. Everyone has their stuff in their lives, their past, struggles in the present, the areas they fall short. We are all a work in progress, and grace is what allows us to work towards His kingdom." Sounds like my mom alright. God this God that, my Jewish friends growing up always thought she was trying to convert them...She is the most passionate person about her faith, and living with that had its moments, but I now have come to appreciate her zest.

My mom's gift is mercy and I witnessed it first hand with her and my dad. Geez does the woman have grace for others. She raised 7 kids, and is married to her exact opposite. Superhero material, thats what she is. She is a woman of true beauty.

This handling someones crap talk, has me thinking that it starts now. I have friends who need to be shown grace...heck, I need it probably more then others. Showing someone grace entails more then you think. Its throwing judgement's out the window, and its accepting someone, seeing past their flaws. People are people. We screw shit up, we make mistakes, and some of us make the same one over and over again. But most of all showing grace requires accepting it first.

Accepting grace from the one who created it, who defines it, who is the only one worth accepting from.

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